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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy has been written to explain what information we collect from you as a customer/visitor to our website.

​To put your minds at ease we can promise that we take your privacy very seriously. We will never misuse your data, collect information that isn't necessary or forward details onto any third party companies who don't require it or anyone you would not permit.

​This privacy policy has been written to explain what information we collect from you as a customer/visitor to our website.

​Data Subject - You, the visitor.

Data Controller - Us, istock Warehouse.

Data Processor - Delivery, payment, processing and marketing.

​When you place an order on our website we collect the following data from you:

- Full name

- Address

- Email address

- Telephone number

​Once you place an order we are contractually obliged to fulfil the order and send you your products.

​In order to fulfil our contract your data will be shared with the following:
​- Payment processing

- Delivery partner

​We have agreements in place with all of the partners we share your information with and all are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

​We use your email for the following:
​- Order confirmation email

- Order complete email

- Marketing emails

​Once you place an order with us you will be automatically opted into our newsletter. After an order has been placed we will keep your data for the next 18 months and consider you as a 'customer' of us. If you do not place an order in that 18 months you will automatically be opted out of our newsletter.

​It is illegal for us to continue to send you our newsletter if you have previously opted out. For this reason your email will be kept in order to prevent future emails.

​Your rights:
​- Right of access (The right to request a copy of the information that we hold of you).

- Right of rectification (The right to correct information that we have about you that is inaccurate or incomplete).

- Right to be forgotten (You ask for the data that we hold about you to be erased from our records).

- Right of portability (The right to have the data that we have about you transferred to another organisation).

- Right to object (The right to object to certain to certain types of processing such as direct marketing).

- Right to object to automated processing, including profiling (The right to be subject to the legal effects of automated processing).

​If you would like to request access, rectification or deletion of the data we hold about you, please email sales@ibathwarehouse.com

Additional security steps:

To ensure your data never gets compromised we ensure our online security is just as secure as our security with our processors.

Therefore we take the following steps:

- We never share our computer or account logins with other members of staff or any third parties.

- All computers are password protected and logged off at any time we are away from it.

- Any portable devices such as phones and tablets are password, fingerprint and face ID protected.

- We never write down any personal information of yours.

- All delivery notes including your name/address or any other sensitive information will be disposed of accordingly.

- All essential information for us to keep are locked away with restricted access.


What are they and why do we use them?

​Cookies are small files that are stored on a users computer. They are designed to hold a fair amount if specific data to a particular website and client. These can be accessed by either the web server or the client computer.

​This allows the server to tailor the page to you. These files of data carry from our website over to another.

​The only cookies we currently use are google analytics.

This is to help us understand what kind of people are visiting our website, what directed them to our website and our most clicked on aspects of the website.

​Payment card information and protection:

We use internationally-approved payment processors in order to maximise the security of your payment card details.

​We do not have access to share, write down or otherwise view your payment details.

​We do not have access to share, write down or otherwise view your payment details. In order to further protect your data it is our policy to:

​- Restrict administrative access to authorised and named personnel.

- Control and regularly change the passwords used to access the site by the named personnel.

- Protect our website with sufficient security certificates and anti-virus and anti-hacking software.


Every effort has been made to ensure accessibility to ibath at all times, if you are struggling to obtain any information do not hesitate to contact us at info@ibathwarehouse.com.


The contents of these pages (including pictures, designs, logos, photographs, text written and other materials) are the copyright of ibath, or its content and technology providers, design agencies, manufacturers, suppliers or their respective owners.


The copying, modification, distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into any other work of part or all of the material available on this website in any form is prohibited, however you may:

- Copy, print or download any of the material of this website for the sole purpose of using this website to place an order with ibath.

- Copy, print or download the material on this site for the purpose of sending to individual third parties for their personal information provided that you acknowledge us as the source of the material and that you inform the third party that these conditions apply to them and that they must comply with them.